What does Day Light Pharmacy do?

Day Light Pharmacy aims to provide a high quality,online medicine services online healthcare service which includes submitting confidential health assessments to a qualified medical practitioner and the private prescribing of commonly-used prescription medicines.

Day Light  Pharmacy’s key objective is to provide a safe and effective online healthcare service. which is readily accessible and efficient for patients, and exceeds individual expectations.

Day Light Pharmacy always aims to fully comply with the Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009 and the Fundamental Standards and Regulations of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014.

Day Light Pharmacy provides services via the following websites:


All treatments provided by  Day Light Pharmacy are for adults only (18 years and above).

Day Light Pharmacy provides online Internet healthcare services in the form of the following CQC-regulated activity:

Treatment of disease, disorder or injury

Day Light Pharmacy provides an online healthcare service for a range of non-acute health conditions, sexual health issues and contraception. It involves private and confidential online health consultations with a medical practitioner, the provision of individual health advice and the issuing of private prescriptions for medicines. When placing an order, Day Light Pharmacy will ask you to fill out a questionnaire so that one of our prescribers can assess the current state of your health as well as your medical history and any other relevant information. In some cases, you may be required to provide further information to allow us to be sure that the treatment is going to be safe and effective for you.

For questions or advice about your medical condition or treatment, you can contact us by telephone, email or live chat for any healthcare advice from our qualified pharmacists.

We always put the health and well-being of our patients first. If a patient has a more immediate healthcare need or is unsuitable for the types of treatment offered, they will be informed of this by our healthcare team and offered advice and a referral to the appropriate service.

For more information on referrals to the appropriate healthcare service, see our Referrals page here:


You can find a full list of the medical treatments medications  that we provide here:


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